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Financial Planning

We provide assistance in the following areas:


  • Help clients to determine if financial objectives are attainable based on current savings, spending, and income stream.
  • Suggest changes, if necessary, to help toward achieving the client’s financial goals.
  • Help clients estimate future needs such as college education, major purchases, or retirement needs.


  • Promote an investment strategy based on the needs of my clients with their risk tolerance and time horizon in mind.
  • Manage and direct my clients portfolio based on this investment strategy.
  • Use both technical and fundamental analysis to manage risk in the portfolio.  Will take an overweight, neutral, or underweight position in specific asset classes as markets change with the goal of reducing volatility within the portfolio.*


  • Help clients determine if retirement goals are attainable based on current savings and spending habits and compare to projected savings and spending.
  • Provide alternative courses of action if initial retirement goals appear to be unattainable.


  • Help clients determine if they have the necessary amount of life and disability insurance that is needed to protect their family and portfolio from catastrophic events.
  • Assist clients in determining if long-term care insurance is appropriate.

*No strategy assures success or guarantees against loss.